Institutional Data Management Policies Storage of Research Data and Primary Material

Quadrant has advanced data storage and management features to ensure data are safe, automatically backed up and easily managed.

  • User access control

Quadrant ensures access to data is only permitted to authorized users.

Project owners have control over authorized users and have the ability to add, amend or cancel access.

  • Audit and tracking

Additions and deletions to files are tracked within Quadrant. Users can easily track data or file amendments, by which user and at which time.

  • Hosting and backup

Quadrant operates on the dedicated research computing infrastructure within the National Server Program on the NeCTAR Australian Research Cloud.

The National Server Program provides computing and storage facilities to nationally significant programs and applications.

Infrastructure is professionally maintained and operated. Data is backed up in physically separate data centres. All data stored in Quadrant resides with Australia.

  • Ownership and freedom to move

Data stored in Quadrant is not manipulated. Users can download data contained in Quadrant for use on other computer systems.

Quadrant claims no ownership to material or content deposited on Quadrant by users. 

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