National Ethics Application Form (NEAF) - replaced by HREA

National Ethics Application Form (NEAF) (Australia)

Please note that this application form has been replaced by HREA (effective March 2017).

Quadrant Trail Release* Reference Material

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Quadrant offers collaborative project management and data storage in a secure environment. Data is stored using the National Server Program which hosts significant and critical research applications.  Access to data stored on Quadrant is controlled by project owners.

  • 5.4. Monitoring

5.4.1. What mechanisms do the researchers / investigators intend to implement to monitor the conduct and progress of the research project? NS 5.5


The Quadrant research project management software will be used to assist in project monitoring including processes, time frames and progress. The software assists in tracking participants/ subjects, recording adverse events and interactions.


  • 8.3. Storage of information about participants during and after completion of the project


8.3.1. In what formats will the information be stored during and after the research project? (eg. paper copy, computer file on floppy disk or CD, audio tape, videotape, film)


All information collected will be stored within Quadrant in a secure server hosted using the National Server Program. Access to data is determined by project owners.


  • 8.3.2. Specify the measures to be taken to ensure the security of information from misuse, loss, or unauthorised access while stored during and after the research project? (eg. will identifiers be removed and at what stage? Will the information be physically stored in a locked cabinet?)


Access to information will be through a password protected authentication process and be controlled by the project owner and managed through Quadrant. All data is secure and resides on a professionally maintained and physically secure server hosted on the National Server Program.  


  • 8.3.2. Text for users that will de-identify data throughout the project.


De-identification of information will occur in the <insert project stage>. The Quadrant software features the ability to easily remove, delete or restrict access to identifiable information. This is achieved through categorisation of data upon upload allowing for removal of identifiers at a stage determined by the project team.


  • 8.3.5. If the data can be re-identified using a code, specify the security arrangements and access for the code.


The Quadrant software has automatic identification and de-identification controls. Only the project owner and <insert other users that have been provided with access> will has access to codes. All data stored on Quadrant including codes are  secure using currently best practice technology. 

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