Can I move move participants to the next step of the workflow ‘in bulk’?

Yes! Quadrant provides you with the ability to easily multiple participants through Workflow Steps at the one time:

Watch the video at:  

1. Go to My Project Participants. The screen will display a list of participants that are currently in your Workflow Steps that you have been assigned to.

2. Click on the check box next to the participant or participants that you wish to move to the next step.

3. A drop down bar will display which will enable you to move the selected participants to the next step.

Hint: You can easily select all participants in a workflow step by  clicking on the corresponding Workflow Step button. Likewise, you can use the Find in table function to search out particular participants or alphabetically order columns by clicking on the column. 

Note: Only participants that are active can be moved to the next step. Also you can not move participants to steps that you are not assigned to. 



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