Why do I only see Active or Start in my All Project Participants page?

Within my "All Project Participants" file I have all of the participants. But under "participants workflow" all it says is active or start. Is there anyway for it to show where in the workflow they are up to? 

I would really like to be able to see if I have interviewed them or if it has been transcribed.


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    Hamish Holewa

    Thanks for the question!

    In regards to the All Project Participants display, it will display:

    Start - when a participant has been entered into the system but has not been selected to start a workflow, and;
    Active - when a participant has started a workflow.
    The My Participants page gives you a detailed list of participants that are currently in workflows and you will be able to see the step that your participants are in e.g. interview or transcribe. 

    The functionality intends to allow you to import a list of participants and enroll them when needed. This is handy if you are using  a purposive sampling method have a list of participants but do not wish to enroll them all at once such!


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