What is Active, Dropped and Exited?

Quadrant allows you to record all interactions and contacts that you have with your participants. This includes interactions such as if a participant no longer wishes to be involved in a project or if you deem a participant not suitable continue involved in a project. 

We call these Participant States. Participant States make it easy for you to find and filter you participant list based upon whether a participant has entered a workflow or has only existed as a potential participant.

  • Start Participant details have been imported into the Quadrant Application but a participant has not been selected to start a workflow. e.g. A participant has been entered into the Quadrant Application through a CSV upload but has not been chosen to be part of the research process.
  • Active Participant has started a workflow. e.g A participant has been enrolled.
  • Completed Workflow Participants have started and finished all workflow stages. e.g. A participant finishes all stages. 
  • Exited WorkflowParticipants that have started a workflow but is known that they will not complete all workflow stages and tasks. The function is Participant initiated – e.g. a participant requests not to be involved or does not want to be involved.
  • Dropped Workflow – Participants that have started a workflow but is known to the researcher that they are not suitable or cannot complete a workflow. This function is User initiated – e.g. the research cannot contact a participant, or participant does not meet selection criteria. 

You can use Participant States to begin to obtain information about how your project is progressing. If you have a lot of participants that have been Exited you may wish to look at your enrolment process or what you are asking your participant to do. Perhaps a Step is too difficult to complete or arduous

Participant States can be changed in the individual Participant Edit screen. 



Participant states can be viewed in the All Project Participants page. 


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