What are Quadrant Project Roles?

Quadrant Project Roles

 Quadrant allows you to give certain privileges to your project team through Project Roles.

Project Roles restrict your team members from completing certain functions such as deleting files, accessing participants and inviting other Users to the project.

This helps ensure academic and data integrity and provides mechanism to help keep your research data safe, protected and that you meet any ethics requirements. 

There are five Project Roles in Quadrant. They loosely mimic the rights and responsibilities that you would normally have in a research project or PhD completion.

Project Owner <~> Chief Investigator/ Associate Investigator/ PhD Candidate/ PhD Supervisors

Project Owners have full access and are responsible for the project. Project Owners can invite and assign other Project Owners and can close a project.

Project Officer <~> Project Manager/ Project Officer/ Associate Supervisor

Project Officers have full access to the system expect invite and removing Project Owners and closing a project, Users and can view, edit and delete files and information, create Research Workflows, invite users and assign research tasks.

Example Use: Project Officer would normally run the day-to-day functioning of the research project. They have all the access that is granted to a Project Owner except they cannot remove or invite a Project Owner or close a project.

Project Worker <~> Research Assistant/ Field Officer

Project Workers can view and edit participant information, add files and comments and complete Research Workflow Steps that they have been assigned. Project workers cannot delete files and can only see participants in their Research Workflow Step.

 Example Use: Use this Project Role if you have a large research team that is disparate and has specific defined workflows steps such as enrolling participants from a street survey.


Special Project Worker <~> Transcriber (Coming Soon)

Special Project Workers only have access files that have been tagged during upload by other users. Special Project Workers cannot delete files or access any other information contained in the Project.

Example Use: Use this Project Role if you have an external transcriber that only needs access to a sound or video file and do not need any further information.


Stakeholder <~> Funding Representatives (Coming Soon)

Stakeholders only have access to project meta-data such as number of participants in a workflow. Stakeholders cannot view any project files, participant information, or other Team members.

Example Use: Use this Project Role if you have an external stakeholder that you wish to engage with and show progress but do not want to provide access to project information.


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